Awesome Marketing Software for the Entrepreneur! — Pt. 1

Hey everybody,

So before I start, I just want to say that this article, like many of my articles, was written for the absolute boss within you. So if you are trying to find top-secret tools to help you break out of the woods and actually stand out from the thousands of entrepreneurs doing the same ole thing, this is def for you. Too many people are treating their business cheaply and not investing in the tools one needs to scale their business. Trust me, I’m a penny pincher too but not when it comes to investing in myself.

I'm sure about 50% of you will read this, know what I’m talking about, trust in my advice to get this, and add another major weapon to your arsenal to help you grow your business in an impressive way. It’s the other 50% of you who are fine with automated social media posts via tools like buffer and Hootsuite who like to pay Fiverr people $10 for $20 work that I’m concerned about lol.

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Ok, so being a part of the Technology Council affords me many tips, tricks, and inside knowledge to help myself and fellow readers of my stories but I want to take it up another level by sharing my favorite #BOSStools. You can all maximize and elevate your revenue with smart investments in awesome software to enhance productivity and marketing so that you avoid putting out cheap or half-baked adverts. It really drives me crazy. But let me not dwell and repeat myself in this article because I have a lot of writing and many more articles left in me to articulate express these frustrations.

So without further adieu, let me intro you to a super cheap but POWERFUL marketing tool called VideoMakerFX.

This software will have you telling your competitors…

Now, you may be asking yourself, is Jeremy exaggerating ?? And I’d say to you, well, HELL YEAH I’m exaggerating lol! You guys wouldn’t try it if I didn't oversell it you know. But seriously, this is a super awesome software that will make you look hella-professional, but look you guys and still have to put in the hustle and strategy. This isn’t a cure-all for people who consistently put in half-effort into everything they do. I really need you to be successful so you can send a chopper out to pick me and the fam up for a weekend getaway you know.. Too many people suck at marketing because people like me are not sharing the affordable tools of the trade to give them a leg up to compete at a high level. I don’t give a damn. I want all major corporations and agencies to compete with us big-fish-in-small-ponds !! We can co-dominate then dominate completely if we stop holding back and embrace the burn to put out content that can old a candle to the status quo.

Seriously. VideoMakerFX is like having a super simple version of Adobe After Effects and an animation artist in your back pocket to produce super high-quality YouTube and Instagram videos for your marketing and advertising campaigns. Hell, if you are really ambitious, you can use this software to build and launch your own video commercial animation company and charge $250-$2500 per video for local and corporate clients. Or you can use it as the main tool to jumpstart the advertising / digital media department at your existing business. #ThinkAboutIt

If you know quality animation/video, you know that you are likely to spend $1000 minimum for one professional video but this software gives you the power to make unlimited professional video animations for less than $50 per month! Actually, the software is normally for $147 down and $47 per month after, but now the software has dropped drastically!!! It's now only $37 down and $27 per month after. If you are like me, you are usually scrapping 10–20 websites looking for coupon codes and likely even twitter and Facebook for promo codes to give you a nice discount code for 10%-20% off… Well, no need here because you are saving a crapload. Do the math.

Here are the type of videos you can produce with this very easy to learn software:

Ok so I’m smart enough to know that if I haven’t sold you on this, I’m definitely wasting my breath and your time, so I will HARD stop here.

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