Written by Jack Knight & Jeremy Merrell Williams

I just found that my best friend’s parents died within the same week; I also found out my uncle had just been admitted to the hospital, and he had a few pre-existing conditions, now the family is sitting at the edge of…

If you are like me and you work in the creative / tech field, you are likely always looking for more ways to optimize your productivity.

I like to connect with the CEOs and owners of many new platforms and tools every month because I’m all about supporting the start-up community, so when I received a random email out of the blue promoting a kool new web browser that promised to simplify my browsing and action-web…

The freelancer market changed since 2016 and its not for the best.

Many people have now started to add location based requirements as a deal breaker for their project contracts and its unhealthy for the world and detrimental to the optimal quality of future web technologies.

This podcast dives deeper…

A technological innovation already exists that could have the greatest impact over the next few decades. It’s called blockchain, and it holds immense potential for business, society and every person.

With blockchain, for the very first time, we have a new digital medium for value where anyone can access anything…

Jeremy M Williams

Husband. Futurist. Vacationer. Techie. Visionary. Leader. Creative

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